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AnimeGirlAh… me, coffee and manga.  Can’t get any better than that! 

Welcome to the sister site of CAG Presents… Memoirs of a MangaWhore, “To Tha Left.”  Site on well… if you haven’t guess it,

Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen Ai, Shoujo Ai, Gender Bender and Fluff!  😛  Thus, All about the Boy, Girl, and Everything Else in Between.  No brainer.  I love all manga, but I’m also a Yaoi Chick.  These Genres are not for everyone and if you find yourself on this site, the front page along will let you know where ya at, and please

Exit, Stage Left…

I won’t be offended.  😉

Some things that should be mention…

Because I consider myself a MangaWhore and I open up/subject myself to all Genres,  there will be some reads that will not make it to this website:  Shota, shotacon. I will not be posting about that.  Enuff said!

So, back to my manga reading and sipping on my coffee.

Yaoi Up!

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