Doutei Sensei


Comedy, School Life, Yaoi

Iwashita-Sempai is feeling sexually frustrated lately.  In the past, he was not wanted for nothing since he had his share of sex friends.  He blames his frustrations on his boyfriend, Umino.  No matter how hard Iwashita tries to get close to Umino in “that way,” Umino shies away from him.  He too old fashion and extremely shy.  However, this does not deter Iwashita.  He’s planning to do whatever it takes to get his man to do him.  (Pfffttt…)

I like Yaoi that has storylines that makes me laugh.  drool  This second chapter of Doutei Sensei! is a riot!

Iwashita is the kind of guy, when he wants something… he want it and ‘nuttin’ gonna stop him from getting it.  It has me wondering though; why did he choose Umino, a shy-reserved-guy?

Aggressive boy chases shy boy.  This is what makes the story quite funny.  From dressing up in provocative outfits, to throwing tantrums, Umino was not taking the bite until… Iwashita just by a fluke provokes a sleeping personality in Umino.  And the rest is pure yaoi-bliss. 😛

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Onto the next read. 😉


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