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I do enjoy reading a good read.  But sometimes, I get a kick out of reading the Scanlators Help Wanted Pics.  They can be funny as hell asking for help.  It’s ingenious; if I was someone who could do the things they do, I would be enticed by the humor these Scanlators give.  A way of showing it would be a fun group to work with.  But alas, I don’t; so I can only be an avid reader/fan of the Group!   😛

I came across this gem that made me laugh…out…loud.  It’s from the group Exile Rebels.  This group has been around for a while and you can tell they have fun working together.

So, without further ado, here’s the strip that made me laugh:

This shot is from the read “Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu” “The Little Bird Dozes Off by the Sea” by Mangaka Minaduki, Yuu“.

Such a good read.  I’ve enjoyed it so much, I read  the entire volume in one sitting and felt sad when it was over!  LOL

Sometimes, you need to stretch out the read in a couple of sittings!

So there you have it!  Exile Rebels, I hope you get requests to join your group!  You guys are awesome!

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