My Gaud, it’s been a while… hasn’t it?

I wish I could say, “I am ashamed for being away for so long…”  But I can’t.  Things in my life has changed dramatically, as well as drastically within these last three years.  I’ve left that Concrete Jungle known to me as New York and moved to RVA.  One of the best things I’ve done for myself and I’m much happier.  Aaaaannnndddd the best part of it all, I’m now doing my dream job:  Working from home!  Yeah!  Another thing was, my computer from back then died.  RIP along with all my dang pictures and everything else!  It was crazy!  However… 2018 has been good to me thus far.  I’ve just purchased a new computer and dual monitors.  (If only you could see the grin on my face at this time)  And with that being said… I can now posting again.  Sheesh!  WordPress feels like something new and I got to get myself accustomed to all the changes and the things I forgot.  I figured it will be like getting on a bike again – wobbly at first and then mastering blogging/posting again.  😆

Read so much manga that I’ve got to get my thoughts together on what to write about, what to recommend and definitely what to stay away from!  Just a little quickie as I’m dead tired and should be in bed sleeping.

Look for some new posts to show up.

Back in business and I’m happy. 😛

Yaoi up!

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Manga and Coffee... enuff said!

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