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Comedy, Gender Bender, Shounen Ai


Kawai Ryouichi-kun has an admiration for other males.  He even questioned if he was gay and was in fear of upsetting his mother because of his attraction.  One day, he [thought] he wasn’t gay, because there was a female outside the train station lately that he found himself attracted to.

Things are not always what they seemed…

 Kawai-kun have seen her around when he exits the train station.  He doesn’t know her name or what school she goes to; however, he’s fallen for her.

If I like girls, that doesn’t mean I’m gay… right? –Kawai’s thoughts

This particular day, the girl is approached by another guy who wants to know her.  She ignores him and the guy gets annoyed from being ignored.  Kawai steps in to protect her and the two started arguing.  The girls got irritated and kicks the crap out the guy whom approached her.  [LOL] After the guy was floored, she grabs Kawai’s hand and they run off.  Distance between away from the guy, she thanks Kawai for saving her.

Kawai takes the moment to confess.  Blushing she is totally flattered.  However, she had a little something to confess herself:


Shocking… huh?

Kawai started freaking out that he’s probably gay and apologized to his mom.  The girl/guy found him to be humorous.  Although he was not into other males, he thought being with Kawai would be interesting and proposed that they started going out with one another.  And this is the beginning of their story, love life? 😛

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10 pages long, this little read was short and funny!  I think they’re off to a good start.

Mangaka:  TAKEUCHI Sugama
Year:  2011
Original Publisher:  Primtemps Shuppan
Serialized in:  Canna
Licensed in U.S. – No

Rating:  10
Re-Read? Yes!!!  8.5%  It’s short, it’s cute and will put an instant smile on your face!

Totally recommend.  This read was a gift from


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